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Bondgirl 01-17-2013 08:10 PM

Bushfires in Victoria Australia

We have so many fires in Australia at the moment
We have one in every state but at the moment Victoria is going through it quite bad
Quite a few homes have been burnt down and there are a few fires which are out of control

I am around 100kms away from the nearest fire so at the moment l am pretty safe
Alot of fires have been started by people which is terrible as they dont seem to understand that people can lose there lifes plus lose everything they have
We have alos had alot of very hot weather in the 40s one town hit 51C

All this must be to do with climate change and people not changing the ways

You see America and europe are going through very cold weather while we are at boiling point

I like to keep you all updated on waht is happening here in Australia

Anyway here is some pictures of the Victorian fires

This is where the fires are at this momnent of time

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