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halfanarcher 11-17-2000 03:14 PM

Video Capsule - PERFECT STORM
Here's my first Vid Cap, seeing as I watch 95% of my films on video I hope to submit more of these.

Yesterday's choice at the Video store came down to MI:2 or The Perfect Storm. I chose Storm because Wolfgang Peterson directed two of my favorite films Das Boot (10/10) and The Neverending Story (8/10) and I (surprisingly) enjoyed the combination of Clooney and Wahlberg in Three Kings.

In a nutshell this movie just didn't cut it. Okay, the special effects are pretty good and don't translate well to the small screen (would've been better in letterbox format), but EFX don't make a film for me. There's just no character development. They don't take enough time to flesh out the characters on land and when they get back on the boat we're expected to understand the conflicts. I still don't know why John C. Riley and William Fitchner's character didn't get along (did Sully indeed sleep with Murph's wife - it was almost a throw away line). And there was zero background on Allan Payne's character (making me think he was in there for tokenism only).
Frankly the end was pretty darn predictable and I really didn't care by the end of the OVERLONG film.
As for storm special effects, I'll stick to Twister.

SirReel 11-17-2000 03:28 PM

Excellent review halfanarcher! I'm looking forward to more...

You've summed up my thoughts on THE Perfect Storm perfectly... The lack of character development is massively irritating. The conflict between Reilly & Fitchner, twice as irritating. So on and so forth... I also felt Lane and Wahlberg matched up poorly - their romance seemed rather contrived and unrealistic...

Anyway, for what it's worth - it's worth seeing once, but not twice.


john boy 11-18-2000 08:52 AM

Nice reveiw. I thought the 'water fx' were
soo obviously wasn't funny.
The movie was too long and it just left me
wondering what a pair of idiots would go
out in weather like that?.

JoBlo 02-08-2001 05:07 AM

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