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Psychocandy 08-04-2003 07:01 PM

Stuart Gordon's 'The Pit And The Pendulum'
It's been a long time since I last saw this movie and though my memories of it are a little hazy I do remember the surprise I felt at the time in the discovery of a Full Moon movie that didn't suck harder than a bionic whore. Lance Henriksen gives a memorable performance as Torquemada and there are a fair number of shocking and/or gory scenes. The heroine of the piece is absolutely gorgeous (and for fans of nudity there's plenty of bare flesh on display). Jeffrey Combs and Oliver Reed make an appearance (the latter likely appears as a result of his having starred in Ken Russell's controversial 'The Devils'). I have a specific question that I hope a fellow schmoe may be able to answer. I'm thinking about buying the DVD of this movie but I recall the version I saw on video many years ago being slightly cut. Is this the case with the R2 DVD release? If so is there a R1 DVD release? Is this uncut? Thanks in advance.

Requiem-for-a-Dream 08-05-2003 02:21 AM

There used to be a DVD out in the US but it's now discontinued. Full Moon went bankrupt for a bit but they're back now so they might re-release this title uncut.

I loved this strange film and consider it to be one of the most underrated and hardly seen horror flicks ever.


kombat ki 08-05-2003 03:24 AM

is this movie worth a rent?

Horror/GoreFanatic 08-05-2003 07:40 PM

I saw it a while ago and thought it was pretty good.

kombat ki 08-05-2003 08:07 PM

ok ill get it tomm.

(the war has just begun)

czimmerman 08-06-2003 02:16 AM

Yeah, having dealt with Full Moon Pictures (now formerly known as Shadow Entertainment), I know the background story to why the DVD is discontinued, but due to the circumstances surrounding it, all I can say is due to Paramount formerly distributing the Full Moon features (from 1989 to 1995), they discontinued the DVD as Full Moon released without Paramount permission.

I am not sure if the DVD is the unrated edition or not, as I have only seen the R rated tape. I did not notice a difference, but it has been too long of a time span in between viewing both. Full Moon has been tricky in the past however. The DVD version of CASTLE FREAK that was available before the DEATHBED double feature included the unrated cut, but was however advertised as the R rated edition.

kombat ki 08-06-2003 03:03 AM

is the R version Gory?

Requiem-for-a-Dream 08-06-2003 05:02 AM

It's basically the same thing as the unrated version. It's gory and brutal but don't expect it to be an all out gore fest. There's enough to keep you happy.


Horror/GoreFanatic 08-06-2003 09:08 AM

It's more of just brutal instead of a full-blown gorefest.

spacemonkey 08-06-2003 05:52 PM

Hell yeah this movie is worth a rental!

I just cant believe that this movie and Dolls arent out on DVD.

I remember discovering this highly enjoyable flick a couple of years ago...and being very very pleased with it.

Torquemadas one sick bastard.

I love that scene where the hero dudes underneath the pendulum and the way that he escapes! That scene was just to cool!

Highly recommend it, and thank god for Stuart Gordon and his movies...the man understands gore, and boy can he use it! Now all I gots to do is see King of the Ants wich sounds just de-li-cious..

kombat ki 08-06-2003 09:47 PM


Originally posted by Horror/GoreFanatic
It's more of just brutal instead of a full-blown gorefest.

brutal you say, hmm i haven't seen 1 of those movies in a while

Horror/GoreFanatic 08-06-2003 10:51 PM

I remember Dolls! That movie was awesome lol, loved the death scene by the army dolls.

kombat ki 08-06-2003 10:58 PM


Originally posted by Horror/GoreFanatic
I remember Dolls! That movie was awesome lol, loved the death scene by the army dolls.
for a second i thought you were talking about demonic toys

Horror/GoreFanatic 08-06-2003 11:00 PM

I remember that one too! That one was even better with the evil jack-in-the-box and the hilarious swearing doll!

kombat ki 08-06-2003 11:04 PM


Originally posted by Horror/GoreFanatic
I remember that one too! That one was even better with the evil jack-in-the-box and the hilarious swearing doll!

lmfao, good times

XCoRyX 05-31-2012 09:33 PM

Bought this when Full Moon had a big sale going on their website out of curiosity - always heard some good things about it, often remember seeing the VHS box at the various rental stores in my neighborhood but just never ended up giving it a go. I'm glad I didn't back at the timeframe of being younger - as I don't think I would've enjoyed it even in the slightest of ways... and while I still now won't call it anything AMAZING or groundbreaking, it was a worthwhile time-passer. I could've done without the comedic tones thrown around and much rather prefer the more serious tone (aka what Mark of the Devil is, a movie that is very similar in story/tone/setting etc.,)... but when all is said and done, like I said, its an okay way to pass the time if you're bored and out of things to watch.

DickJones 10-25-2012 02:27 PM

Considering Stuart Gordon is Charles Band and company's best director by far, you would think this would get a release.

I checked on Amazon and they only have the versions that are standard screen (sides cut off) and R rated I think. If Castle Freak and Pit and the Pendulum got a proper unrated widescreen DVD release with extras I would buy them in a second.

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