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Old 08-10-2003, 10:14 AM
Ok ladies and gents I'll get the ball rolling (pun intended) and make some pre-season predictions for the Premiership 2003/04

This is how I think the teams will finish...

1. Manchester United
2. Newcastle United
3. Arsenal
4. Chelsea
5. Liverpool
6. Tottenham Hotspur
7. Manchester City
8. Blackburn
9. Everton
10. Birmingham City
11. Southampton
12. Middlesborough
13. Charlton
14. Leeds United
15. Bolton Wanderers
16. Aston Villa
17. Portsmouth
18. Wolverhampton Wanderers (sorry Quoth )
19. Leicester City
20. Fulham

I honestly can't see any shocks and no real changes in the balance of power but I feel Leicester and Wolves havent bought well and will struggle and Fulham just look like a team on the slide.

Spurs have to get into Europe this season and with the strike power we have I can see it. Or I'll throw my season ticket onto the pitch again!

Any other predictions? You don't have to do the whole table.
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