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1. Christina Ricci is butt-ugly. She looks anorexic, pale, and like she needs a good 24 hours of sleep to get rid of the bags under her eyes. I need to wash the dirty off just mentioning her untalented ass. Not talented, not attractive. (IMO). How the hell could anyone pick her over Shannon Elizabeth?

2. Shannon wasn't limited to 13 GHOSTS, people. There was that little film called AMERICAN PIE where she was both sexy as hell and hilarious in her bedroom scene. And Heaven forbid anyone remember how great she was in JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK, along side Eliza Dushku and the Will Ferrell. She had funnier lines than both and she was just fucking cute.

3. How can you not want to tap that ass? She's Duke Nukem hot, people! Shannon Elizabeth is incredible! Sorry if i sound passionate about this, but Shannon Elizabeth is smoldering. She'll be hot for a lot longer than most and she'll only get better at her job, too. Super-Sized YAY!
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