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I'm glad to hear the love you have for Babs and her movies, Trinity.

I loved all the ones you've mentioned......well, I haven't seen The Strange Love of Martha Ivers or Lady of Burlesque (it's nearly impossible to find them at my locations in China or America ). I'm really glad you liked Meet John Doe; that film also proved to me that Barbara Stanwyck really had a thing with delivering dialogue. I agree about her talking very fast in that film, but t'wasn't annoying at all, her character really came through and the way she delivered her lines always made her stay ahead of the game. And of course, her and Gary Cooper shined together in that movie as well (they do make a great team actually, Ball of Fire was excellent and so were they, I agree completely with your review for that film, one of the very best feel good romantic comedies).

Her work in suspense really works too. Aside from Double Indemnity (nothing will ever top that IMO).....I also adored The Two Mrs. Carrolls. Weird movie, yes. But it's drama and suspense were both involving and created a great atmosphere, Humphrey Bogart, needless to say, was EXCELLENT as well. I remember the first time I saw it, it actually scared me a bit, much more so than some of the usual, run-of-the-mill mystery flicks. For another one of Barbara Stanwyck's great works in suspense, there's Sorry, Wrong Number.....are you planning on checking out this film soon, Trinity? I find that in films, this lady ALWAYS manages to steal scenes from her male co-stars, which really turns me on. She's sexy, funny, vibrant, in whatever film she does.

The Lady Eve was another great one. My second Barbara Stanwyck performance/film after Double Indemnity; once again, she played sort of a tough but at the same time, sexy chick who, if you really looked closer and understand more, has such a vulnerable side to her as well. It also includes one of the sexiest scenes in film cinema, involving her and Henry Fonda (speaking of which, worked quite well with Babs, and that scene when he first meets The Lady Eve was memorable). Stella Dallas is in my top 5 Barbara Stanwyck movies as well; I cry every time I see that film (I'm such a loser ), it gives you a look at the more sympathetic side of Babs and every emotion conveyed by her in that movie was perfection. A definitive tearjerker and Babs was one of the main strengths of that film.

Like I told you, this woman can do NO wrong. Even in her worst movies, she manages to rise above the material; where does she stand on your top actresses list, Trinity?
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