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I agree about her talking very fast in that film, but t'wasn't annoying at all.
I didn't find it annoying at all either, I loved the way she talked. But I can see how it could be annoying for some. My dad watched the movie with me, and he came in right at the part when Barbara is explaining to her boss about the whole John Doe idea and she's shooting out like 200 words a minute and he was like "Will this woman ever shut up?" He actually said it a few more times during the movie...

I also adored The Two Mrs. Carrolls. I remember the first time I saw it, it actually scared me a bit.
Lol, me too. I was channel surfing one time and on TCM I saw just that scene when she faints in front of the painting. I immedaitely wanted to see the whole thing, and when it came on again some weeks later I did, but that actually turned out to be the best part.

And yes, I do plan to check out "Sorry, Wrong Number" sometime (hopefully soon) - the DVD's pretty cheap, so I'll probably get it. Thing is, I have like a million and one things to get first (top priority being "Rebecca" on Criterion) and only limited resources.

As for where I'd have her among my favorite actresses - I need to see more of her work, but very, VERY high!
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