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Originally posted by mattjk_17
Aston Villa 0 - 2 Arsenal

A match which we didn't deserve to lose, two extremely controversial decisions gave Arsenhole a win. Both goals scored by Henry, both set up by Arsenal's star player, referee Mark Halsey

Goal 1 - Ok, I wasn't annoyed with the fact we conceded the freekick right outside the box, it was the manner in which the freekick itself was taken. Halsey stood in the way of the ball and was speaking with Henry and without even whistling for the kick to be taken, he jumped out of the way, let Henry shoot and score. No whistle was blown, the Villa defence wasn't even prepared for it!

Goal 2 - I have yet to see the incident myself, but I have been told that Kanu ran into Mellberg, thus getting Mellberg booked and getting a penalty for his own team. WHAT THE FUCK?

Absolutely diabolical refereeing, this shouldn't be allowed in the Premiership.

Bookings: Villa - 5, Arsenal - 1

As soon as an Arsenal player went down, the Villa player who made contact with him got booked! Mellberg (previously mentioned), Barry, Whittingham, Hitzlsperger and Johnsen were our "offenders", yet the only person booked for Arsenal was Vieira and that was after a particularly nasty challenge. Biased cunt!

P.S. - My sources tell me that Halsey, and his family, are long time Arsenal fans. Fucking joke, I'm absolutely pissed off with this. His post-game comments on Sky Sports News were humorous. Something along the lines of "And when Henry took the freekick for US... er Arsenal...".

Yeah, fucking cram it where the sun don't shine Halsey, you fucking biased twat! Learn to officiate a game without being so biased or go to Sunday League you filthy piece of arsewank!

Up next - Bolton.

Let's hope we can take our frustrations out on them and bag us a place in the Carling Cup Final

How fun it is to rant!!

I watched this game live and I was just as shocked/outraged as you. The first goal was absolutely disgusting, I could not believe what I was seeing. Whilst not breaking official rules, it was a blatant slap in the face of sportsmanship, and another "guideline" (remember when they would take quick throw-ons and try and score, instead of kicking the ball back to the opposition after an injury?) that Arsenal feel they are above sticking to.

The penalty was a dive, plain and simple. O'Leary kept calm and described both decisions as "jokes", and you could tell he wanted to absolutely let rip.

I don't know if that information about the referee supporting Arsenal is true, surely the FA wouldn't allow that??

The reason I am caring less and watching less football is because of games like this. Every single week Arsenal seem to win with "controversial" goals and penalties, and to be honest I'm bored of it.
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