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I agree with the Barbershop 2 predictions. I have been seeing a ton of TV spots, and it should open at least in the low 20s. But don't underestimate Miracle and the Disney machine. The Rookie opened to over $16 million, with a similar type of star. Quaid and Russell don't guarantee a strong opening weekend, but they are highly recognizable stars. It's a feel-good story that most people are familiar with. Plus, there's some patriotism involved. Should appeal to most age groups, and I'd guess it makes at least $15 million. As for Catch That Kid, I think I've seen one, maybe two TV spots in the past couple months. What's the awareness level on this one? I'd guess pretty low. Plus, as mentioned previously, no stars in it. So it's being sold on concept alone. And does it look that exciting? Are kids begging their parents to take them to see it? I don't get that feeling.
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