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It must, MUST be known that I love this movie not for it's genuis or the beautiful, tranquil scenery of the Maine woods, or even Robert Foxworth's era worthy perm but because - when I was little, when it came out in '79 - it FUCKED me up for LIFE!!! And it's that heart-pounding anticipation of nostalgia that drives me to love ol' Inside-Out Bear.

It just tapped into one of my most primal fears and having done so, renders me powerless even as a woman on the brink of turning 35. To this day, I feel that little repressed twinge of tense and suspense as CHEESY as it is because it invokes great feeling of "kid vulnerability." And I love that.

I love you Inside Out Bear. Despite the bowel-turning fear you birthed in me. I love you. *sniff*
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