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Originally posted by Mike
I'm so pissed ! Why does this movie have to keep getting worse and worse every time I watch it? I HATE THIS! I originally thought it was great, and now each time I watch it I find myself getting more and more disappointed. Maybe I should have only seen it once because then I could remember it as GREAT. This is one movie that doesn't get better with each viewing, at least for me anyway ... This used to be my #1 movie of 2002, but now it's like #4. KISSING JESSICA STEIN has easily taken the #1 spot from this one. KISSING JESSICA STEIN always gets better and better when I watch it, and it's never boring. The more I watch THE RULES OF ATTRACTION the more bored I am with it, and some scenes have become a chore to sit through (especially the one with Fred Savage, and then the one with the annoying drug dealer). I read the book after seeing the movie and I thought it was great, but I kind of liked the movie better. But that has easily changed and now I like the book better... The only reason I watched this last night was because my cousin was up visiting and she hadn't seen it. She read the book at the same time I did, and she didn't like it. She was pretty certain she'd like the movie better, but she ended up liking it about the same as the book. So she didn't like either of them.
This is the exact same thing that happened to me. I noticed some of its flaws the first time I saw it, but I really liked it at first. But I've been trying to get rid of the DVD for a helluva long time since then. It doesn't hold up for repeat viewings, and things like the unlikeable characters, useless scenes, and uselessness of it all become a glaring flaw you may only notice later on.

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