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Originally posted by Mike
Yeah, I agree with you. After seeing it in theaters and LOVING the hell out of it, I couldn't wait to see it again on DVD. But with each viewing I just find myself getting more and more disappointed. What happened to the AMAZING film I saw in theaters?

Anyway, I didn't care for those two scenes in the movie the first time around either, but I didn't mind them as much. Now I can't stand them and they are boring, they only slow the movie down.
I hadnt watched the film for a long time, I popped it back in and loved it again. The film is such a visual experience that home viewing cannot really do it justice (and why seeing it the theater knocked me socks off), but I still loved a lot about this movie. It does have flaws, but it works through them and the film still packs a punch. I cannot get over how strong the three leads are and how little recognition they got for the roles. And the carrot top commentary is as funny as ever. Its just genius. Ah, I love this movie.

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