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I'm no good at numbers so here's my general thoughts. Hellboy will easily beat out Walking Tall. It has the action and supernatural elements to attract the horror crowds, which have been coming out in the masses since last october. I don't see Hellboy pulling more than 20 million however, because to many it looks really stupid and doesnt have as much of a mainstream appeal as recent horror hits have. Still, the film carries a teenage boy friendly PG-13.

The Rock is not a box office draw in the slightest, and not even when he costarred with Sean William Scott could he pull very good numbers. 15 million tops for this one.

Home on the Range has gotten - IMO - no advertising and will have stiff competition with Scooby's second week. They both might pull high teens, and I hope Scooby overcomes this shitty Disney crap. It's sad how bad their animated flicks have become.

I can see Jersey Girl rake around 6 million, the theater expand should help it out.

The Prince and Me looks like crap and has to compete at least a small amount with Scooby 2 and Jersey Girl. Chasing Liberty went to hell, this should do even worse.
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