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Originally posted by Mr. Fred Krueger
His film, The Scorpion King, opened to 30 million dollars. I wouldn't say the Rock isn't a box office draw at all.

The Rundown is killing on DVD, BTW (#1 bought and rented DVD/VHS, sold 1.5 million copies. Now multiply 1.5 million times a rough figure of say 20 dollars. Oh yeah, it's KILLING. ).

If this film doesn't make Rock a star and rake in some money, you can bet your ass Spy Hunter will.

I still say 18-20 for Walking Tall. Scooby Doo 2's doing pretty dismal so far (29 million opening compared to the original's 50 million), Hellboy, meh I can see it topping Walking Tall, but I think it'll be close.

I honestly don't see Home on the Range making a whole lot of money. Granted it's a kid movie, but animation not done digitally (a la Finding Nemo) just doesn't do as well anymore.
the scorpion king was a highly touted blockbuster film, and part of the overwhelmingly successful mummy franchise. It was a while ago and The Rock hasn't had a real hit since. The Rundown was supposed to be a big action flick that fared decent on theatrical release. It has enough recognition to be a big video hit, as Walking Tall might. Still, I don't think Walking Tall is going to perform that great.
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