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Old 04-27-2004, 10:46 PM
I have to say Im so happy that I decided to continue with FF games after X. FFX was sucha dissapointment. It had a nice story but the sphere grid wa s one of the stupides feature Ive ever seen on a game.

Right Im on FFVII. Specifically Im in the beggining where the plate has been sabatoged and crashed. Then I climbed up with my party and now were going to attack I think its the Shrinra headquarters to rescue Aerris.

Although its funny I renamed everyone:

Aeeris: Chunl
Cloud: Cloaaaaaaar
Tifa: Tifbakl

I have FFIX. I will get FFVI becuase its on PS1 along with Chrono Trigger.

Im kind of nervous about FFVIII becuase I hear the amgic system is kind of weird.
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