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Stephen King's IT (book review)

This is a book, so it will be slightly different than my movie reviews. Use your imagination--instead of director it is author, instead of acting it's characters, etc.

This won't be on a scale of -/10 or a letter grade. It's stars. -/*****
Moving on . . .

Before we start, let me say this: IT is the best Stephen King book. Let me also say that IT is the best book, no question. The elegance of the plot, the dimension of its characters . . . Is without equal in the field of literature, film, and everything in-between. You live this book. Iíve never understood that term, really, and thatís because Iíve never really observed a novel with so much impact (The Stand can go chew on wood)--until IT.

An unlikely group of outcasts defeated a terrible evil as children. They made an oath then, a promise: if it ever comes back, so will we. Twenty years later the outcasts have become successful adults all with unusual sums of money (theyíre certainly well-off). But then the calls start . . .
ď Itís come back. You promised.Ē
What follows is an amazing story that effortlessly jerks between the past and present as they present two characters in one person. What? By that I mean King uses their childhood to not only establish a base for the adults, but show how much the world has changed them outside of their hometown Derry.

The characters are the most realistic a story could possibly hope for. Bill, Bev, Ben, Eddie, Stan, Mike, Richie . . . This is the only story where the outcome has grabbed my cold, dead heart and slapped it awake. They are remarkably life-like. Every reader - I guarantee - will relate to EACH person in different ways, bringing them close enough to the characters that they transcend text and turn to flesh and bone.

Stephen King can write, Iíll give him that. The prose couldíve been better, but overall itís flawlessly portrayed (the little blips here and there donít ever detract). How he moves the complicated plot along without breaking a sweat, throwing us flashbacks and different times and articles and narrations, it's rather artistic. He has an eye for pace.

The flaws of IT are nonexistent. Itís immense length never chaffs, unlike itís little brother The Stand. Pages fly by--before you know it youíre on 120. Then 330. Then . . . well, then you're late for work.

What are the pros? Again, let me touch on Kingís ability to weave characters out of thin air. By that I mean there are a Simpsons-like array of supporting characters in IT, each of which are dimensional. Tom and Audra, for example, are typically better than most authors could ever hope to produce.
The story is one of the best I have ever laid eyes on. THIS is epic. I have never seen such passion showed through text, in any of Kingsí works or othersí. I will always remember Patrick and the fridge. Billís intense need for revenge. The finale (Ritual of Chud is phenomenal). The creature. The power each of these children wield by their imagination . . . And the shock each adult has in returning to their home town. Everything is memorable. No space is wasted.

Iím slobbering all over this, arenít I? Well with good reason. Comparing it to other novels is like putting your lover beside yellow snow--no competition (. . . I hope). The Stand, widely regarded as Kingís best, does come relatively close (close=miles and miles away), but itís characters grow tired by the end. Not in It. NOTHING ever tires in this story, everything is built upon page after page until one of the most bitter-sweet finales forces you to read on.

King is at his best here. No question.
Iím speechless.

***** out of *****



28 Days Later : 7/10
8mm : 9/10
Alien : 6/10
Audition: 7/10
August Underground : 5/10
Battle Royale : 8/10
Cannibal Holocaust : 9/10
Dawn of the Dead : 5/10
Day of the Dead: 8/10
The Dead Zone : 7/10
Donnie Darko : 10/10
The Eye : 7/10
Elephant : 6/10
Freaky Friday : 8/10
Ginger Snaps : 7/10
Hardcore : 6/10
Hellboy : 6/10
House of 1000 Corpses : 4/10
House of Sand and Fog : 9/10
Hulk : 10/10
Irreversible : 8/10
Kill Bill Volume 1 : 8/10
Kung Pow! Enter the Fist : 7/10
Last House on the Left: 3/10
May : 10/10
Memento : 8/10
Mulholland Drive : 7/10
Near Dark : 6/10
One Hour Photo : 9/10
Perfect Blue: 9/10
Requiem For a Dream : 8/10
Se7en : 9/10
Terminator 2: Judgment Day : 10/10
Thesis : 6/10
Underworld : 7/10
Willard : 8/10

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 5) : A
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Perfect Collection : B-
End of Evangelion : A-

IT : 5/5 stars

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