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Originally posted by Nerdypagan
Been along time since I read any thing from him. My favorite was the Fear Street Seniors Series. There was twelve books in the series and the whole class was dying in various ways. The only problems were that the body count was too low and the only people who ever seemed to die were the one's I liked. (spoilers)

Phoebe Yamura was my favorite character and she was the only one that died in the last book. They didn't even explain her death. She was just found hanging from the flag pole.
I also like Debra Lake. I thought she would have been killed by Clark though. Marla Newman and Ty were also cool.

I thought I was the only one who read Seniors. I really liked it too, and was pissed when Phoebe died too. But Kenny died in book 12 too (kind of).

Anyway, I also liekd the Babysitter series (except for book 4, which had to bring the supernatural into it....damn you Stine.)
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