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Originally posted by X-Nightcrawler
All in all . . . I could continue ranting on how much FFVIII beats EVERY single game ever concieved (or at least those I've played) and I doubt that anything EVER will make me change my opinion.

*whew* I'm spent.
I will have to admit that you have the most love for Final Fantasy VIII on the board, but I'll never truely love it like I do the other incarnations. To say VIII is the beats any other video game concieved...well, no.

C-Des is right, Xenogears has probably one of the best (if not the greatest) storyline ever told in any videogame, including the Final Fantasy series. I've been playing RPG since I first picked up Chrono Trigger in '95, and I have yet to come across a game with a better storyline that constantly pulls you in.

Now to disect X's rant:

Well, Final Fantasy VIII's storyline has to be the best ever written. It has all the heart of ANY RPG. It starts as a quaint little plot with little background and quickly grows larger than ANY other game. I know how this might sound but a lot of people dislike what they don't understand. This is some complicated shite! I never understood that constant "Ultimecia is never *there*" in the game and seriously, they explain she's been with you EARLY (disc 2) in the shape of possessed Edea . . . and Adel . . . and Rinoa. So seriously, how could people say that you don't feel her prescence? This story develops way better and wider than the usually compared with, FFVII (which I adore, 10/10). More past, more depth more everything. Oh and it has more twists than what I could ask for. Oh and that amazing replayablity value to get more things? Or the perfect ending that could beat FFVII's in EVERY sense? THIS IS THE PERFECT STORY.

I never felt Ultimecia's pressence, to tell you the truth. I think the storyline (for me) fell apart when Edea suddenly became a good guy (since she was possessed or something stupid like that), found out that she is Cid's wife, and then you must go to some futuristic city to find Laguana (who is, in term, the president/whatever of this huge town). Then I was thrown into space for reasons I don't know (and personally don't care about). That was when I knew that I was going to get fucked over bad by this game. I must say, though I love the first Disc of this game, but the storyline progressively got worse and worse. Horrible.

I don't consider the game to have an amazing replay value, either, but that's just me.

The characters, I can't start mentioning how much I don't understand this. Squall was the one character no one picked when reviewing FFVIII. Unlike 98% of RPGs today, Squall is cocky, an outcast, someone you wouldn't like to be friends with. In other words: the UNIQUE hero. It's sickening to watch Zidanne (main, FFIX) be all lovey dovey "I want to rescue her!" when 10 billion other heroes are that way. Cloud? Okay, he wasn't the typical loving fellow but he wasn't unique still. Sure, his back-story/growth/depth is WAY above average but so is Squall's. Although he might me unlikable at first (not to me, but I'd understand), that isn't bad at ALL. Once the story grows, he changes. SHE changes him and their story is truly touching (like I said in another thread, what about that "coming back" scene in Ragnarok and what happens next?). Like FFVII (which had an excellent cast of characters [besides Aeris who was okay]), everyone has a backstory, something that connects them to the core of the story. So what's the problem with them!? I will never understand. They all grow, they all relate, they all connect. That's *good*
The problem with the characters in general is that most of them are unlikeable, and once you get down to it, the only ones that even matter to the MAIN story are Rinoa and Squall. This is why I dislike VIII! I would replace Rinoa and Squall with Zell and Quistis the first I chance I get, but sadly I can't have things my way. I'll give VIII the fact of the matter than Zell and Quistis are two of my favorite Final Fantasy characters next to Locke and Celes from part VI. (VI indeed, does have the best characters)

Graphics, system, bosses, whatnot. These are all subject to whoever plays it and it did a good job making something different to what we had seen seven million times (level up, equip weapons, get abilities, rinse and repeat). The junction system works perfectly. Sure, it makes the game easier and that's a problem . . . why? I mean, the final boss takes 45 minutes to beat and let alone the fact that getting all the GFs is QUITE the task. So difficulty you have. Gameplay is great, pacing is great and it won't bore you for a second of it's great lenght. Hell, there was a point in disc 3 where you're let loose with the airship for as long as you want to do what you want . . . damn, that was fun!! That was more fun than moments in FFVII in Midgar when it got boring (that's right, I went there) and please don't linch me, I still love FFVII. Recently, I started reading Final Fantasy VIII's complete game script right? Okay, when I blinked, it was 7AM and I was still reading, engrossed enough not to sleep READING it dammit. Fuck, if I could I'd write a novelization . . . and a sequel . . . and more sequels. Just to be in this universe with this bunch some more.
The problem with the final boss that she wasn't hard either, it was that she had a shitload of HP (much like the last boss of Legend of Dragoon....shit, that took me almost an hour until I got that one).

Whoa, that was one long post. I don't HATE VIII has much as I did say.....3 days ago, but I don't love it either. It is a great game, but it is just so low on the Final Fantasy Ricker Scale for me, even though I did give it a high score.
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