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Ultimecia wasn't even the hardest boss in Final Fantasy 8.

Omega Weapon was the biggest prick of all, which is a main reason I play FF8 over and over again. I just like to kick that big guy's ass before he kicks mine first. Even with the shitty prize for defeating him, it's the battle with him that I look forward to. The guy's just insanely strong. Consider him my buddy.

I was never really much for playing RPG's, heck, I didn't know what an RPG even was when I started playing FF8, so maybe I'm not one to retort at other's opinion on the game. I'll just say I liked it. It still had its entertainment value, and Squall was cool in my book, even though at times I just felt like throwing my controller at him for being so stupid in how he's acting around everybody else, especially to Rinoa. But then again, I just remind myself that his profile states his age at 17 - still a young'un.

I tried playing 7 and 9, but unfortunately, I just couldn't take the entire thing seriously while looking at lil' lego look-alikes for characters. I guess the superficial side in me prefers actual human representations than miniatures when dealing with intricate storylines and emotions.

Anyway, 8's cool in my book, not a bad RPG to play and complete for a first-timer.

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Dammit . . . *needs sequel for FFVIII*
*needs to stop pimping his love for FFVIII*
I actually had an idea for a sequel as soon as I finished 8.

I figured, since Rinoa was once possessed by Ultimecia, that Ultimecia left a shed of sorcery in her.

So years after the event, the sorcerress in Rinoa awakes from its dormant state and completely takes over Rinoa, stirring up another war that spans the entire globe (in some way I haven't thought of yet). Squall, being married to Rinoa at the time, has to lead a group assembled behind him to try and stop Rinoa, along with the intention of saving her.

There's some twists and shocks in the lines of Squaresoft's demented writing, but I won't jot them down yet. Just the gist of my idea.

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