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Considering how bad Cat got trashed , the weekend take is half way decent , but it's going to disappear quicklike now . Would be funny if it's succesful overseas , there is a chance it might be . 7 mil it's second weekend .

Bourne surprised me a bit , i was thinking 35 - 40 mil , so it exceeded expectations . I'm looking at 20 mil ( maybe a bit less ) it's second weekend , i'm not so sure it will have momentum in light of the other films it will face off against .

The Village , there is some serious buzz surrounding this thing , and some all important controversy . I give it 10 mil for that alone , with a total of 65 mil for the weekend .

Manchurian , that's a tough one , if it was about people coming back from the current Iraq war instead of the Gulf War , i feel more people would be interested , so i see 17 mil . Would be less if D W wasn't in the lead .

Kumar , it looks good , and comedies can make a nice chunk if done right , so i'm thinking there's enough American Pie fans , White Castle lovers , and Wild Parsley tokers to smoke up 25 mil .
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