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Originally posted by Gluttony
[B]Wow. Frankenheimer must have been reading to much Nostradomus. Hehe. That or maybe he faked his own death, contaminated the water, and attacked a kid in a bear costume in order to boost his movie's infamy.{B]

I smell sequel....someone will get wind of all this environmental stuff, the story about the bear, etc., and feel it is long overdue for "environmental horror".....I mean, it is isn't it?

A bunch of teenagers try to hold a LARP campaign outside of Bangor, they encounter conflict with the local Native American tribes looking to expand their pull-tab casino when out-of-nowhere! Strange sleeping bag deaths start to occur - and who should come back to assist them but none other than - Robert
Foxworth returning as Dr. Verne - now a hermit in the woods living like Ted Kaczynski or Nick Nolte on a three-day bender!...yea....he's back see - preparing for the day when Kahtadin returns up from the primordial sludge spilled out in the lakes from the printing presses from all them pull tabs see!...yea...yea.....

I've totally lost it....I know.....that's what happens when you can't sleep....ya can't sleep....cause Kahtadin...see.....
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