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This is my “favorites” music selection…
(not in order)

1. Ok Computer
2. Hail to the Thief
3. Kid A
4. Sting quartet to Radiohead
1. Californiacation
2. By the Way
4. RHCP Greatest hits
5. One hot minute
6. (self titled)
7. Mothers milk
8. Uplift mofo party plan
1. Battle of Los Angeles
1. In Utero
2. Nevermind
3. Unplugged in NY
Smashing Pumpkins:
1. Siamese Dreams
2. The machines of god
Foo Fighters:
1. One by one
Jimi Hendrix:
1. Best of Jimi
2. Electric lady land
John Fruciante
1. When shadows collide with people
2. The will to death
LOTR soundtracks…
Audioslave: (self titled)

I have more, a lot more, but these are the best CD’s I have ever bought. I bought all of them with in a span of 2 years, when i started getting money.

I was too lazy, so I just put my whole list down.

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