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Old 08-31-2004, 02:29 AM
Isn't this the dipshit that went on his show and started ranting about how Canada better watch it's back if it let's any American citizens who are deserters become Canadian citizens. Like hey I'm all for not letting them become Canadians, but the whole threatning the Canadian people is fucking bullshit. Like I have a choice as to wheather or not someone becomes a citizen. I swear if I ever run into this fucking guy I'm going to smash him in the lips and pull his head out his fucking ass. Sorry about the anger but don't fucking threaten me because of something my goverment does. The same goes for an country don't hate the people, hate the government.

Imagine, threatning we're such a threat or something.....fucking idiot.....NAY, NAY, FUCKING NAY!!!

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