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Chiefs better get their acts together or they won't be playing in the second season, and they're already in a pretty big hole right now. Not only is their defense playing horrible as usual, their offense is struggling and Tony hasn't been a factor at all and their WRs just don't get the job done. I bet they wish they never let go of Joe Horn, could you imagine that offense if they still had him? They may have to go 10-4 the rest of the way just to make the playoffs and they still have games against Baltimore, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Indianapolis, New England, Tennessee, and Denver. Good luck, fellas. Detroit and Jacksonville being 2-0 is impressive I'll admit, but they're both going against monsters next week. Vick played vintage Vick football and just totally ruined the Rams defense, if he keeps it up and stays healthy Atlanta will be VERY dangerous. Time to revise my playoff picks:

AFC: New England, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Denver, Tennessee, NY Jets
NFC: Philadelphia, Minnesota, Carolina, Seattle, Atlanta, Green Bay

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