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I'm disgusted with the KC Defense and somewhat disheartened by the injuries sustained in the offense. This may be the worst year the Chiefs have had since Vermeil started as head coach. Someone needs to remind Carl Peterson of the facts:

1. The Chiefs, while in a small/mid-range market, have the third highest ticket prices in the NFL. Usually, performance is supposed to get better when ticket prices go up, not worse. How fucking stupid do you look, now Carl??

2. 27th is where the defense ranked in 2003. Right now, it's a solid 32. A new defensive coordinator won't fix the problems with the staff.

3. Eric Hicks is still an asshole. He's like the slow kid sitting at the back of the bus picking his boogers and wiping them on the seat. He's not good. He'll never be good. He has no reason to be there. PLEASE give this prick his walking papers.

4. Shawn Barber and Eric Warfield are about the only two players on the d-line who want to play football. Barber was ready to knock the piss out of that prick Paul Tagliabue for his insult to the Chiefs at the awards dinner. At least HE gives a shit about KC fans and his team.

5. 0 and 2 Chiefs teams have never done better than 8-8 on the season.

6. Edit to number 4: Eric Warfield was arrested for drunk driving. Smooth moove, Ex-Lax. So much for defensive players who want to win.

You too can be replaced, Carl. And when you go, fuck you and good riddance to your corporate, greedy 95 year old ass.

End of rant.

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