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Originally posted by horrorfreak13
The Lions being 2-0 dosen't really surprise me considering the teams they have played but I still think they will have a tough time because they still play Indy, Tennesee, Jacksonville, Washington. Phily, Minnesota(2) and Green Bay(2). If they beat Phily (and I seriously hope they fucking kill those bastards) then I will be impressed.
Well, I still think the Lions being 2-0 is a little surprising, but I'm not impressed yet. Until they beat a quality team, then I'll be impressed. What an upset it would be if the Lions upset the Eagles this week. Anyway, I feel the same way about the Jaguars as well. I don't have much of read of how they're going to perform this season. Their past two games were really close victories, so who knows how they're going to do.

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