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Old 09-27-2004, 09:26 AM
Fuck that was amazing game between Indianapolis and Green Bay Favre and Manning combined for alost 1000 passing yards and Manning had 5 TDs in 1 half.

This is something we may never see again Favre vs Manning.

BTW who could have predicted Jacksonville over Tennesee and Houston over KC I did.

The Eagles have looked good through 3 games but that was either seeing how good Phily really is how really bad Detroit is going to be through the rest of the season since I still see them going 7-9 based on their schedule.

Dolphins, Cardinals, and 49ers fans I seriously feel bad for yo well 49ers fans have at least a winning season the past 7 years so I shouldn't feel that bad about them.

Now Monday nighter Redskins get to pound the shit out of Dallas I hate them
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