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Originally posted by CrazyKillah
I feel that the BoSox will...

1) sign Varitek
2) sign Petie (aka The Diva aka Captain Curls aka Pedro Martinez)
3) sign either Barry Larkin or Omar Vizquel (sp?) (Cabrera, sadly will want too much dough... too bad... I LOVED that dude )
4) sign Brad Radke to replace Derek Lowe
5) sign Gabe Kapler

everyone else on that team that is a free agent is GONE...

As for the other big names on the market, who knows. I think that Nomar will sign a one year deal with the Cubbies (like everyone is reporting, to reestablish his market value after an injury-plagued season). I can see Pavano signing with the Yank-me's. Beltran may very well stay put in Houston.
I can pretty much see that but I have learned to expect anything when it comes to the off season. With the rumored words that Nomar thew out about being open to switching posistions, 2nd base anyone?, we could see the sickist infield in the history of the planet in NY. Again, I wouldnt be surprised, not since Nim-Rod switched.
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