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As far as looks go, I think Janice Dickinson looks alright for her age. But as a individual, Janice's sheer over the top, bitchy attitude show HUGE amounts of flaws in her character.

I used to think she was putting on an act, to mirror Simon's attitude over on "American Idol". But over time, it's become quite clear to me that Janice Dickinson is as shallow as she seems to enjoy depicting on Television.

Although I have to give it to her, at times she can be extremely funny. Over the course of the show, I could never really prepare myself for what odd, or bitchy comment that Janice was going to spew out of her mouth next. And having read her book (it's been awhile though), I found her to be a hilarious, and fluent narrator.

I couldnt help but laugh after reading one her of stories about one particular night with Warren Beatty. Where after a few hours of sex, Janice says before she fell asleep, she noticed Warren Beatty checking himself out in the mirror, admiring himself. A few hours later, she slowly awoke to see Warren Beatty still checking himself out in the mirror! Classic.

Is Janice a bitch? Yes.

Is Janice superficial? You bet.

But I dont think she's exactly afraid to admit it either. And I cannot help but be entertained by her, in a lowbrow kinda way.

I might have hit it at one time ... but I wouldnt have been gentle.
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