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Good review ,C, but I will have to disagree with you on this being the best book ever written.
I might've exaggerated just a mite there. So how about I reiterate that it's othe best book I've ever read, and definitely a high point in King's career.
I will say that if King was an unknown writer at the time, IT would not be the length it was. I t would've been chopped (if that means anything).

Since I'm not a fan of dark tower, I'd say Desperation is King's best . . . pace, you could say. Some critic called it his most well-groomed book, which is a better description. If this was what you were talking about with 'best written'. Desperation never indulged (not that I'm saying indulging is a bad thing . . . in IT, I think it's a very good thing).
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