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Originally posted by Haddonfield
The sick thing is, The Rocket was left for dead all those years ago when he had 4 subpar years in a row...only to win 4 more Cy Youngs since then. Amazing.
The even amazing thing is that Clemens' winning percentage is better then when he left Boston is just wierd and strange like MLB writers deciding that the NL Cy Young award is now the most valuable pitcher in the NL.

I'm not surprised somewhat that Clemens got the award for some sentimental stuff about Clemens being 42 able to pitch like thatbut look at the stats the only one that Clemens has Johnson beat in is wins.

The AL Cy young will be tough Curt Shilling and Johan Santana had great seasons but Santana's are better except for the 1 more win Schilling has.

Speaking of Schilling and Arizona whoever Arizona's GM is that made that Schilling trade is seriously on crack I don't know who the hell Bosotn gave up to get Schilling but Arizona fucking lost big time in that deal I don't even remember who Arizona got back.
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