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Amanda Bynes

Aside from being CUTE as all hell... this girl is a comic diva in the making.

Her comedic timing, and ability are awesome. She's got solid acting chops, but it's clear that comedy is where she's hanging her hat.

I watched "Big Fat Liar" on a whim one day, and it reminded me of just how bright she is. I used to watch her show (The Amanda Bynes Show), and actually dug most of the bits. Childish yea, but hey... isn't that the best humor? And considering she was on the writing staff (although mostly uncredited) at 14... yea... she's no dummy.

It's also GREAT to see she hasn't gone the route of her "peers" Hilary Duff (lousy singing) and Linsey Lohan (slutty/lousey singing). From all accounts, she's down to earth, level headed, and really sweet.

Now, I'm hoping she gets out of the "teen role" thing, and broadens her scope little by little.

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