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Originally posted by jeo4
Don Banks of Sports Illustrated fame seems to think that the Patriots will get homefield advantage. Why? Because the Pittsburgh Steelers will lose two of their final four games this the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills. To be exact, he said this:

No. 2: Pittsburgh (13-3)
Remaining schedule: Jets (W), at Giants (L), vs. Baltimore (W), at Buffalo (L)
Skinny: Steelers will let AFC home-field advantage slip away in the cold of Buffalo in Week 17. Then again, it didn't do them any good in 2001, when the Patriots came into Heinz Field and beat them in the AFC title game. Bill Cowher's teams are only 1-3 at home in the AFC Championship anyway.

Let's pause and reflect on that for a moment...


What's the matter, DON?! You scared of a little competition?! The Steelers aren't going to lose to the Bills or the Giants, you fucking imbecile! Let's face facts...your precious Patriots and the Steelers both may not lose another game the rest of the season, but the Steelers will STILL have homefield advantage thanks to the win over the Pats! How can you be so insanely biased?!

Even if the Pats DO happen to eek by the Jets (which you said they won't), they won't get that oh-so-precious home field ticket you want them to have. And what happens when they make a trip to Pittsburgh? They get their asses handed to them...AGAIN! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!
The Giants won't touch the Steelers, but I actually think that Buffalo will win and the Steelers will be 14-2. Buffalo is playing damn good right now, and I think they'll win out and take that second wild card spot right behind the Jets. And I also think that the Bengals will upset the Pats, but will be 9-7 and fall right behind Buffalo.
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