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Yeah, Michael Vick has many many issues to think about. I believe the Falcons will fall early in the playoffs.

As for the Colts, yes, their offense is stellar. But a reminder: they lost to the worst defense in the NFL in my sorry assed Chiefs. If you leave openings, even the worst defense will find its way in. I hope Dungy takes his head out of his ass long enough to make corrections to this offense. Or else anyone watching the Kansas City footage will have a field day picking apart the Colts.

As for New England, yeah I heard over and over again how there are "no stars" on that team, which seems to be nothing more than lip service. Brady and Law both get a lot of attention. And while they have a brilliant coach in Bill Bellichick, some errors are being made here and there. New England has to continue to make as few mistakes as possible in order to maintain control of its game. Otherwise, there will be teams in the AFC waiting to pounce.

AFC Contenders for the playoffs:

New England
San Diego

Possible Wild Cards:

NY Jets
Baltimore Ravens

NFC Playoff Contenders:

Green Bay

Possible Wild Cards:

St. Louis
Tampa Bay
NY Giants

I'm still pretty confident that nobody in the NFC will beat the Eagles to get to the Superbowl. It's currently a three-way match in the AFC, with San Diego serving as a spoiler (for now). I still think that Pittsburgh and Philly will hook up at the big game. Time will tell.
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