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What the hell happened to Minnesota?! Why the hell did Moss try and pull a flea-flicker? That was just stupid. I am losing faith in any team in the NFC being a contender (or anything more tha laughable for that matter) to the Eagles.

New England nearly fucked the chicken again. This time to the Bengals. The cats were within 7 points of winning. The Jets were within 6. The Colts were within just 3. Teams are figuring out the scheme and finding weak spots in the Patriots' armor. And of course, the Steelers beat them by 14. I see an upset coming. Could New England lose to the Jets?

Speaking of the Bengals, they were also a threat to the Steelers. In fact, they came within 5 points of doing so in their last outing. Do the Bengals have what it takes to be a wild card? Their final three meetings are with the Bills, Giants and Eagles. Two of those matches are wins in my book. How they fare against Philly determines their place in the AFC wild card.

Denver almost blew it to three points, they won. I can't take this team seriously at all. I'm betting they fall apart in the remainder of their season, too. They have Kansas City, Tennnessee, and Indianapolis. I think they will lose at least two of those games. One of them to Indianapolis, obviously. Two more losses and San Diego owns the AFC West. Even if Denver makes it in as a wild card, any team in the playoffs can beat them.

St. Louis joins the ranks of joke teams around the NFC. How bloody awful are they? They lost big to Carolina. The entire game was a turnover-fest. Final score: 20 - 7. Ugh!!
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