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Originally posted by Strider
Forgot to mention. Whatever hope the Cowboys had of getting into the playoffs are gone. Julius Jones, nor the team could get it done yesterday, and because of that, the Parcells' Cowboys are finished for the season. The Giants are done too - and I have to say, I'm very happy. I despise them and Eli Manning, but moreso Eli and his father. It was awesome seeing the Ravens tear the Giants apart, simply for the fact that Jim Fassel is the senior consultant of the Ravens. A victory over his former team - good for him.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Bye bye you fuckers goodye to the playoffs you know the referees even tried to help Dallas make the playoffs last week against Seattle and still blew it.

And next week it's revenge against those fucking bastards as long as the officials stay the fuck away from it and call the damn game properly.

As for my team I liked how my Redskins played against Phily and Terrell Owens and man you can make up a jacked up list of all th ehits from that game Shanw Springs really got it and I'm glad he's going to be ok since he's done very well this year and the defense is just amazing even with the injuries they still played hard and almost had this one Ramsey played very well.

Plus I think Pinkston is a wuss on the 1st play he wusses out of the pass on fear that he's going to get hit.

Also anybody that has known me all year will know damn well what I felt about that pass interference play on Shanw Springs on Terell Owens other than that it was a well officiated game.

P.S. Chris Chandler and the Rams suck
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