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Pittsburgh over the NY Giants - No contest. Even when Warner was starting, this was an overachieving mediocre team. Not having a 1st round draft pick this year is also going to hurt them badly. There is no answer for this team other than the hope that Eli Manning will someday be good with no line, mediocre receivers, and a barking tight end.

Washington over San Francisco - Don't back your bags Leinart, just take the subway. You'll be home in time for dinner every day.

Carolina over Atlanta - Carolina is looking like the second best NFC team right now. Atlanta picks up some solid wins here and there, and then flukes on teams that should be ass poundings. (Arizona, San Fran) Granted, most of those games they still pull off, but they look and play like shit. I see Carolina keeping Vick in check, and if they do this right, the Falcons will have to rely on Vick to stay in the pocket and make accurate throws downfield to receivers (and not just a tight end) who will catch them. This will be the formula to beat Atlanta.

Houston over Chicago - Houston is very much like Atlanta, only their record shows it. They'll take a heavy first half lead, and nearly blow it in the end.

Cincinatti over Buffalo - God damnit I need this.

Minnesota over Detroit - The Lions have the potential to win this. Joey Harrington though is really making me question that though.

San Diego over Cleveland - No emphasis needed.

NY Jets over Seattle - I like Seattle, but turnovers will rip them away.

Philly over Dallas - Put a cock in Keyshawn's mouth to keep him from crying. A cock in Testaverde's hand, because a football doesn't belong there anymore.

Denver over Kansas City - Directly from "The last three quarterbacks to visit Arrowhead Stadium have combined to throw for 1,165 yards and eight touchdowns for a gaudy average of 388 yards and 2.7 touchdowns. We've seen Drew Brees overcome his own road demons in piling up 378 yards and two scores in K.C., so pencil in 260 yards and two scores for the Snake." Kansas City has the potential but in the offseason they just act plain dumb. They'll probably take their first round pick and draft a god damn tight end.

Arizona over St. Louis - No way Glass Chandiler will pull this off. The receiving core in Arizona is waiting to be tapped. This could be the game where they get utilized.

Tampa Bay over New Orleans - Griese for comeback player of the year. I also forsee a new QB in New Orleans next season either behind the center, or on the bench waiting to start in mid-season.

Green Bay over Jacksonville - I think Favre and Co. has enough weapons to handle the new 'cardiac cats'. Jacksonville does have a stiff defense, but turnovers are not a part of their formula.

Oakland over Tennesee - At this point it almost looks like the Titans want an early first round pick on purpose.

Indianapolis over Baltimore - Manning matches and breaks Marino's record in this one.

New England over Miami - Yet another wonderful Monday Night Matchup. I'm so glad.
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