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What a crazy week in the nfl.. when it seemed like the ravens and broncos would fight it out for the 6th seed in the AFC, both of them lose and the bills and jags win their games to create a four-way tie. At this point, Jacksonville would get in, barely, based on strength of schedule over Baltimore (currently: Jax at 108-88, Balt at 106-89) but that means absolutely NOTHING because Baltimore will get that tiebreak because of their remaining games against Pittsburgh (13-1) and Miami (2-11) while Jax gets Houston (6-8) and Oakland (5-9).

remaining games:

Buffalo: at San Fran, Pittsburgh
Baltimore: at Pittsburgh, Miami
Jacksonville: Houston, at Oakland
Denver: at Tennessee, Indianapolis

looking at the schedules, Jacksonville definitely has the edge, but this is the NFL and non-playoff teams really come to play in December, especially against playoff contenders. Baltimore's fate will pretty much be decided next week against Pittsburgh. If they win, they'd likely go on to finish 10-6 and would get the tie break over the other three teams. If they lose, they're likely out because Jacksonville would only need ONE win to eliminate them (Baltimore would drop to 8-7, a Jax win would put them to 9-6, and they'd have the strength of victory tiebreaker locked up). Of course, we can't forget Buffalo (need to win out, and have each of the other three teams lose atleast one game which is unlikely but still very possible). I can't wait until this all unfolds, and we'll know a lot more next week.

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