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Well, Metal is completely ignored save for Metallica, Maiden, and Sabbath as usual. Hell, there are better Sabbath guitar parts than "Paranoid", Symptom Of The Universe being one. Certainly better than Korn. Hell it's better than the most overrated song of the decade "Seven Nation Army". Pretty weak Maiden song they chose too. They have many better songs that display the talent of their guitarists. Why the fuck are The Darkness or The Hives anywhere near this? Franz Ferdinand was also placed way too early as well. Needs more Zappa as well.

I really liked that they included Everything's Ruined though. And The Husker Du, Jesus And Mary Chain, and Dinosaur Jr. choices put a smile on my face. Shocked they put Rage so high, and thankfully a damn fine song too. The Captain Beefheart choice was good too.
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