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I'm alternating (again) between three books:
Nigel Hawthorne's THE SCARLET LETTER (the prefacing sketch was a bit long, buddy, but the story itself is pretty well told, even if the characters talk like in THE VILLAGE)
Gustave Flaubert's MADAME BOVARY (just a silly romantic tale, really)
Dennis Copper's FRISK (gay sex deluxe - I don't know what's SOOOO interesting and artful about fucked-up fags fuckin', that we always have to read'em in American Literature seminars?!?!)

Before that I finished Joseph Conrad's amazing HEART OF DARKNESS, which served as the basis for APOCALPYSE NOW (y'know, "The horror! The horror!"). Although it had no real plot to speak of, the philosophical stream-of-thought and the dense descriptions of the jungle were pretty impressive. Now I know where Coppola got the disturbing atmosphere of APOCALYPSE NOW from. "The horror!"
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