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Well, the starts in a day so i am going to make my picks for this season (even though a few of u did it a week ago).........

NFC East:
Philadelphia (12-4)
Dallas (7-9)
New York (5-11)
Washington (5-11)

NFC North:
Green Bay (11-5)
Minnesota (10-6)
Detroit (7-9)
Chicago (3-13)

NFC South:
Carolina (12-4)
Atlanta (10-6)
Tampa Bay (8-8)
New Orleans (6-10)

NFC West:
St. Louis (10-6)
Arizona (9-7)
Seattle (9-7)
San Francisco (3-13)

AFC East:
Buffalo (11-5)
New England (10-6)
New York (8-8)
Miami (4-12)

AFC North:
Baltimore (11-5)
Pittsburgh (9-7)
Cincinnati (9-7)
Cleveland (3-13)

AFC South
Indianapolis (12-4)
Houston (9-7)
Jacksonville (9-7)
Tennessee (6-10)

AFC West
San Diego (10-6)
Oakland (10-6)
Denver (9-7)
Kansas City (6-10)

NFC Playoff Teams: Philadelphia, Green Bay, Carolina, St. Louis, Atlanta, Minnesota

AFC Playoff Teams: Buffalo, Baltimore, Indianapolis, San Diego, New England, Oakland

Super Bowl: Green Bay over Baltimore (i know i know)

MVP: LaDanian Tomlinson
OPOY: LaDanian Tomlinson
DPOY: Julius Peppers
OROY: Carnell Williams
DROY: Demarcus Ware
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