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I caught a bit of the samurai movie "Kill!" on IFC about a year ago and it's always stayed in my mind as something I would definitely buy when it came out on DVD. What I saw of it was awesome.

And when I saw it among Criterion's list about a month ago I almost shit myself.

Those who made comments along the lines of, "no one has heard of these movies", "they're too arty", etc. are obviously being either naive or knowingly too general for their own good. Those who really do their "movie homework" already know about some such titles and probably, like me, appreciate that such lost art, no matter the quality in their eyes, is being reborn on DVD. And obviously being on DVD for the first time will give it a whole new audience and fanbase as well, so no matter how you look at it, "no one" is a far cry from the truth.

Finally, "no one's" forcing anyone else to be a Criterion fan here, so if you don't like their collection, get out of the thread! (Just playing.)

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