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The Jets aren't a bad team, though. They have loads of weapons on offense and defense. And I see this team as an improvement to the team that pulled within 3 of Pittsburgh in the playoffs. How they weren't prepared for the Chiefs isn't as incredible as the control the Chiefs had over them all day.

And if you think the Chiefs just "had everything going for them" today, I can tell you being at the game today they were far beyond the team we've seen in the last three seasons. There was such efficiency at every position (save for a certain cornerback that grates on my nerves with his inablilty to cover receivers), they were just a well-oiled machine. The defense made five huge acquisitions in the off season. And the offense added receivers to replace Johnny Morton. Add to that the fact that there are two running backs pulling duty (Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson) at any given time, and the Chiefs look so good, it's scary.

I'm trying not to sound too giddy, like some crazed fan who spent all day in obscene heat cheering the Chiefs on until I had no voice, but they stunned me today. Like Dick Vermeil said today, don't buy those tickets to Detroit just yet, KC. But this was a big step forward from last year.
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