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Originally posted by horrorfreak13
Nice victory by Atlanta, you know I think Atlanta is going to be better than I thought they were going to be. I hate Phily and I'm glad they lost anyways.

And Patrick Ramsey has requested a trade since the Redskins will start Brunell next week.

You know it's probably better this way the only way Ramsey is going to be a good QB is if he goes to another team because his confidence has to be going down. The teams that I think could use Ramsey are.

1. Baltimore - I want to believe in Kyle Boller but I just can't

2. Chicago - Who haven't had a decent QB since about what 15+ years.

3. Cleveland - They have Trent Dilfer.

I'm sure there are a couple other teams but here are the 3 teams that jump out to me.
Baltimore won't give up on Boller for a while, not really a possibility. Chicago has Orton and Grossman who has barely played enough for them to be sure. Cleveland has Charlie Frye on the bench who could be a good QB. Kansas City is the biggest possibility because there was a big rumor of them pursuing Harrington, because of Trent Green injury troubles. But Washington is just plain horrible with Ramsey, and Joe Gibbs is not coaching him right.
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