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I think the Chief's coaching staff got out played more that the players did last night. I don't know if they were looking towards the game with Philly or what. I mean Denver really was looking mediocre against Miami and San Diego but you still have to play the game. You can't expect to go into Denver and dominate but I atleast expected them to be competative! Jordan Black was really made to look silly by Trevor Pryce and I really don't think he's that good (Pryce). I hope Willie Roaf can make a quick and complete recovery, otherwise the Chiefs are going to have a long fucking season.

I think the defense did a decent job for most of the game. They were just on the field an awful long time. I don't think they are used to being on the field for so much. I mean, the Chiefs do such a great job in running the ball and keeping possession on long drives that they weaken the opponent's defense. This time KC couldn't stay on the field long enough to give their defense a breather. They were playing on their heels most of the time.

The refs didn't do a very good job of calling the fouls both ways. What was up with that "there is no foul on the scuffle," shit? That Denver LB was pulling on Tony G's facemask and he was not called. The scuffle was a result of the facemask that happened in the field of play. That was a 15 yard penalty at least. Then there was a facemask penalty called on Greg Wesley, I think, that was not nearly as severe and it was called a 15 yard penalty. It was not a balanced game.

But even with that said, there really is no excuse. If the Chiefs want to be a championship team, sooner or later they are going to win the tough ones. The ones where you have to go into Mile High, Hienz Field or any other highly volatile AFC stadium and win one against the crowd, the wheather, the refs and the other team. They havn't done that yet. Until then, they are going to be another highly talented, yet underachieving team.

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