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Originally posted by TheDeadWalk
I think if Washington's D is on their 'A' game, there is a chance that they will make Jake the Snake look like a high school quarterback.
With the defense Washington has they can beat any team in the league this team keeps the games close and it appears that Brunell isn't making the big mistakes.

Also it would be nice to see this game which is a great opportunity since my FOX station WUHF Rochester which stuffs the Giants down my throat every week and since they are off you would figure I would get to see this game but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I get to fucking see Phily-Dallas I game I could give 2 shits about since I hate both of these fucking teams. And the Canadian station CH is simulcasting it along with them which is bullshit. Add to that I work Sunday night so taping the fucking game is now useless so I'll just tape NFL primetime and get the highlights that way.
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