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Originally posted by AnnoyingQuestionAsker
I feel I must respond to the accusations by Buck regarding the umpire being out of position. The 2nd base umpire was in the exact position he was supposed to be in. It is just unfortunate that the way the play developed, he couldn't see a tag.
Whether he was in the recommended umpire camp position for that play is wholly irrelevant to me. He may have been. What is mainifestly obvious is that he wasn't in a position to see what happened, and as such should not have made such an emphatic call. If he couldn't see the tag, then he wasn't in the position to make the call. That statement is logically impossible to challenge.

There are logically only two possible alternatives and none of them are good for him. Either he thought he saw the tag and was really, obviously, demonstrably wrong. Or...he didn't see that tag but inferred from the relative positions and that (lame and gutless, IMHO) selling job from the 2nd baseman that he must have made the tag.

He should have asked someone with a better view. He missed the call.

I am incredibly impatient with all of this nursery school "But he tried his best" bullshit that official defenders always trot out. No offense to your brother, but I've seen far too many that are obviously biased (like Ed Montague), incompetent (a list too long to write, but Eric Gregg is the "topper" there...) and even corrupt (Al Clark, the NBA refs who pocketed the spare change from their first class ticket downgrades...there are myriad examples) to give any of them the benefit of the doubt. All too often they think they're the featured attraction at the show (like Cuzzi the other day) or think they've got to "defend their turf" like Sopranos characters.

As far as I'm concerned, they're all guilty until proven innocent.
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