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In hindsight, it was a terrible and unfortunate call by Doug Eddings. Unfortunately, umpires can only call what they see.
He emphatically called him out, then he choked and lied about it afterwards to cover his own ass. Davis and the other umps went along, rather than try to get the call right, because that's what they do. In their culture, it's far more important for them to stick together and maintain that veneer of credibility, no matter how tattered and absurd it appears to everyone watching, than it is to get the call right Their primary loyalty is always to themselves and their comrades first. It's rarely to the game and it's soundness and integrity. Their vocational motto should be "That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

Eddings abused his authority and acted completely unprofessionally in his argument with Johnny Estrada earlier in the year. He's incompetent, a grudge holder and shouldn't have been at that game without a ticket to sit in the stands.

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