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As all of you can see in previous posts, I have been very frustrated with the Chiefs defense. It's hard to root for a team with as bad a pass defense as Kansas City's. I agree with everyone's assessment that the secondary is terrible. If the Chiefs don't do something about their pass rush in the off season, they won't have any better luck in 2006. The same goes for replacing aging offensive linemen and finding wide receivers who can give Trent Green openings for the passing game.

As far as the current receivers, anyone who watches the Chiefs may take notice that Eddie Kennison and Tony Gonzalez have two men covering them often. Kansas City needs some wideouts. Morton was a waste because he could never hold the damn ball. And Sammy Parker has the same case of butterfingers. In addition to that, Willie Roaf and Will Shields are all getting too old and injury prone to sustain that offense.

The positives here are the second string players are working well for the offense. Larry Johnson has picked up right where Priest Holmes left off. Trent Green is now making huge passing numbers; in fact, his total yardage last week was second only to Peyton Manning. As mentioned above, the receivers leave a lot to be desired.

I am probably the Chiefs' toughest critic right now because I've spent decades hoping for something other than disappointment. I get the feeling nothing will come of this year and the core offense will break up, leaving the team floundering for years to come, once again, just as the once maligned defense of the 90's did when Derrick Thomas died. And so Chiefs fans haven't got much to look forward to right now. Oh well, maybe some day...

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