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Old 11-19-2005, 12:53 PM
Let's see...

Lately I've been playing lots of NBA Live '06, Shadow of the Colossus, We Love Katamari, Burnout Revenge, and Mario Kart DS.

Over the past day I have been addicted to Half-Life 2 for the Xbox. That game is absolutely amazing. I knew my PC wouldn't be able to handle it (at an enoyable level anyway) so this is my first experiences with Valve's classic FPS.

Any Xbox owner who missed the PC version should make this game their highest priority title.

The 360 comes out in three days... so things are going well in the world of gaming. Of course if I can't pick up a 360 on the 22nd I may be singing a different tune.

PGR3, PDZ, CoD2, Condemned... I see you all in my future.
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